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Katherine Asia Hibbs

About the Artist

Katherine Asia Hibbs (Kate) is a 9 year old pianist.  She has studied for four and one-half years with the nationally/internationally recognized artist/teacher, Dr. Jo Anne Link.  Kate is a member of the Premier Class of Crocus Hill Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kate has had a great deal of success this season as her first foray into competitions demonstrates.  She was the Winner, First Prize, of Little Mozart’s Crescendo International Competition, 2022 (virtual).  The competition was for age 9 and under.  She will be presented in the Winners’ Recital and Awards Ceremony, Carnegie Hall, New York, in May, 2022.  This was followed by a Gold Award – First Prize in the Global Children and Youth Piano Competition, Hong Kong (virtual), and a Second Prize win in the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition (virtual).   Ranging in age from 6-12, Kate will be presented in another Winners’ Recital and Awards Ceremony, Carnegie Hall, New York, scheduled for 2023. 


Kate is from a multi-cultural, artistic family.  Her great-grandmother was a famous Hong Kong opera singer in the 1930’s and 40’s.  Her mother is Swiss, French, Chinese, and American and is passionate about oil painting and classical music.   In her younger years, she had several expositions of her art works in Geneva, Switzerland.  Kate’s father is in the agricultural business and is a great lover and supporter of classical music. 


Kate travels a great deal – from Asia to Major European cities - and throughout the United States.  Her passions - in addition to piano - include multiple languages.  She speaks, reads, and writes French, Chinese, and English.  She loves arts and crafts and drawing.  Kate is a ski jammer, plays tennis, swims and bikes.  She is very advanced academically, but is also a very social person who loves to play with her friends.  Kate has been a Girl Scout since first grade and is actively involved in community service. 

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