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Nita Opens the 2017-2018 Season "From the Top"

We are so happy to announce that our fifteen year old sophomore, Nita Qiu, has just been chosen for an appearance on the celebrated national radio program, From the Top!! This is a remarkable artistic accomplishment as hundreds and hundreds of America's top musical talent, representing all instruments and ensembles, vie each year for a spot on this nationally syndicated program. Narrated by the great American pianist, Christopher O'Riley, the young artists are interviewed by O'Riley and perform for a live studio audience. The home of the program is the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, but the program is presented in numerous venues all over the country.

Nita went through an extended and grueling audition process over several years which involved numerous video submissions of her various live performances, as well as a live audition here in St. Paul when the program was taped at the Ordway Concert Hall a year or so ago. She also had to submit a Curriculum Vitae and numerous letters from her teacher and other musicians in support of her application process. It shows what momentous events can come about by sticking with it, hanging in there, and never giving up!!

Nita will be traveling next weekend to Reno, Nevada where the program will be recorded for broadcast at a later date, performing the First Movement of the Ginastera Sonata. There are generally four or five young artists on the program. She will also be

performing in several outreach programs in local schools over the weekend as part of the event.

Nita's appearance will have major national exposure and will be a big "feather in her cap"! I do not know of anyone who could deserve it more. What a great way to kick off our new year of music making!! I will keep everyone posted on when her appearance will be broadcast!

Yours in Music -

Joseph & Jo Anne

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