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Nita wins Second Place in Rising Stars!

Yesterday, our great Nita Qiu took Second Place in the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra's Rising Stars Competition. Nita gave stunning performances in both Prelims and Finals of the first movement of Chopin's Concerto No. 2 in F minor. The Rising Stars Competition is one of the most highly respected and competitive regional competitions in the upper mid-west. It now invites pianists and instrumentalists from four states: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. The competition has been dominated by Minnesota's young artists. Last year Nita won Third Place while her brother, Noah (now in the Air Force Academy in Colorado), took Second Place for the second year in a row!! So Nita is moving up!! This is a tough one to win (are not they all?). We have had countless prize winners (finalists) with three of our students winning First Place: Adam Birdsall, Austin Frohmader, and Collin Jinks. Beatrice (Bea) Grant performed in the Rising Stars this year for the first time. She received outstanding and very enthusiastic reviews from the judges. She was not selected for the finals this year, but shows every indication of becoming a major young artist. Both Nita and Bea are pumped to return next year for the Rising Stars 20th Anniversary!

More later!

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e & Jo Anne

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