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Gaia Wins Silver in Canadian International (age 8-10); André Receives Honorable Mention (age 11- 13)

Announced late yesterday, our beloved Gaia Daniel (10) won the Silver Award of the inaugural Canada International Youth Piano Festival in the age 8-10 category!! In the age category of 11-13, our cherished André Peck (11) received Honorable Mention with Distinction!! Both Gaia and André joined our Roster just a little over a year ago.

The competition was a massive undertaking. It was an all-video event because of Covid-19 and had 5 age categories: The Canada International Piano Competition was for artists 18-32; and the Canada International Youth Piano Festival had the remaining 4 categories of 14-17, 11-13, 8-10, and under the age of 7. The competition was judged by world famous pianists of the highest caliber.

Gaia won the Silver Award out of an astounding 141 participants in her age category from all over the world. She submitted her video recording of the first movement of Mozart’s great Sonata in Minor, K. 310 and the finale of Ravel’s Sonatine.

Andre received the Honorable Mention with Distinction in a no less astounding 138 participants in his age group. He submitted Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No. 1, the Liebesträume, and the Prelude from Debussy’s Pour le Piano.

Congratulations to these two rising stars. These results bode well for many great things to come. Gaia and André have really lifted us up and cast some brilliant light on these very dark times of the pandemic.

The dream will never die.

Yours in Music –

Joe & Jo Anne

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