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Orion Awarded 2nd Place in Prestigious MN Orchestra Concerto Competition!!

Last weekend, Orion Kim (15) won 2nd Place in the 64th annual Minnesota Orchestra Concerto Competition! He was awarded the Edwin Norberg Award, performing the 1st movement of Schumann’s Concerto in A minor. The competition, sponsored by the Young Peoples Symphony Concert Association (YPSCA) of the Minnesota Orchestra, is open to all instrumentalists in grades 7-12. Because of Covid-19, the competition was presented as a video event. This is a major achievement in a very difficult competition where the pianist is judged alongside all other instrumentalists. This is a rare and almost unheard of scenario. Congratulations, Orion!

In addition, last weekend Orion also received Honorable Mention in the 98th Annual Schubert Club Bruce P. Carlson Student Scholarship Competition, in the Piano I Category (Grades 7-9).

Yours in Music –

Joe & Jo Anne


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