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Our Mission

  1. To inculcate and nurture in our students a deep love and understanding of music.

  2. To develop in our students a first-rate technique and a command of the fundamentals of performance through the acquisition of superb study habits.

  3. To develop in our students a sense and a love of work (delayed gratification) as one of the great values in life.

  4. To develop in students the sense of working on something great outside and beyond themselves to be shared universally.

  5. To prepare students with the ability, commitment, and desire, to engage in state, regional, national, and international competitions and auditions.

  6. To prepare a student, whose passion leads him or her to a life in music, to enter the finest music schools in the nation.

  7. To enable our students to express themselves at the piano in a very satisfying manner for the rest of their lives.

  8. To dedicate ourselves to the great European oral tradition of one-on-one piano study as passed down to us by our master teachers in a lineage traced to Liszt and Busoni.

  9. To enlist our students in the great battle to keep classical music alive and to pursue truth and beauty in our world.

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