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Andre is Named a '23-'24 From the Top Fellow!!

As many of you know, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasts its legendary radio program From the Top every Sunday at 12:00 noon. Our brilliant Andre Peck (13) was just awarded the great honor of being named a '23 - '24 From the Top Fellow! This program has become a "right of passage" for the most gifted and talented pre-college musicians our country has to offer. Andre is the 5th of a long line of our students to have been presented by From the Top. Our list includes Adam Birdsall (who was selected twice and was awarded the top performance of the year), Kenny Broberg, Nita Qiu, William Gannon (just last year) and now, Andre.

Andre will record a musical work and an interview with FTT Host, pianist Peter Dugan, which will be broadcast nationally at a future date. The fellowship also includes Virtual sessions with other musicians on Storytelling & Vulnerability; Creating Media: Preparing For Studio Recording; two sessions on the Artist's Life; Community Engagement Preparation; an in-person concert by Andre in the community; a studio recording; and finally, Reflection: Bringing the Learning Forward.

No less thrilling, Andre has reached the finals of the first ever Nashville International Chopin Piano Competition!! The competition will be held October 14th & 15th and will be presented in three age categories: (6-10), (11-15), and (16-22). Andre will compete in the (11-15) category of just 7 finalists. The finalists consist of 3 from the States (including Andre) and one each from Canada, Puerto Rico, China, and Russia. Andre's all-Chopin program will encompass the 2nd Ballade, the C-sharp minor Nocturne, and the C-sharp minor Scherzo. In addition, Andre has been sent a Nocturne written for the competition by pianist/composer, Ashot Ariyan. Andre has just a few weeks to learn this new work and include it on his program. The nine member jury consists of some of the most luminous international names in piano.

On top of all this, last Friday Andre presented a very challenging and brilliant recital on the Frances Cohler Coffee Concerts Series at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. The audience was quite shocked and astounded at the level of this 13-year-old's playing. He was immediately asked for a return engagement in May.

More later . . .

Yours in Music -

Joe & Jo Anne


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