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Orion Takes Second Place in Rising Stars! Will Receives an Honorable Mention!

Two weeks ago today on January 30th, 2021, Orion Kim (14) took Second Place in the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra’s Rising Stars Concerto Competition. Orion performed the first movement of Schumann’s Concerto in A minor. In addition, William Gannon (15) was awarded Honorable Mention, performing the first movement of Chopin’s Concerto No. 1 in E minor.

Because of Covid-19, the competition (unfortunately) was a video streaming event of pre-recorded performances. But the competition was heroic in offering a very satisfying streaming event. It is open to pianists and instrumentalists in grades 9 through 12 in three states: Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. It is one of the finest such competitions in the upper Midwest. The competition has been ongoing for 22 years and our studio has been a major contributor of great talent for virtually all of those years. We have had 3 winners and countless finalists and honorable mentions. As of last year, the competition changed its format to present four finalists with the orchestra in a major subscription concert. It was a wonderful event. Nita Qiu, 2020 CHS Alumna, was a Finalist performing the first movement of Chopin’s Concerto No. 2 in F minor.

This year, because of Covid-19, the competition was unable to offer the finalists the splendid opportunity to perform with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra. But the Competition Chair, Janet Roth, decided to secure an event that would still offer these young artists a meaningful artistic goal and substantial monies in support of their further studies. As the Second Place Winner, Orion received an award of $1,500. This is a very fine prize for such a pre-college event.

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Joe & Jo Anne


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